25 July, 2008

UPA's wins Confidence Motion

Thankfully to a disturbingly growing wisdom tooth I was pinned to my couch on 22nd and got to see the debate. I never imagined to my cleverest imagination that this would be so great. Thanks a ton my very painful and upsetting wisdom tooth!!!
There are many things this loksabaha session in general and motion in particular will be remembered for...

1. N Deal which practically every opposition(but left!!!) forgot to emphasise upon!!! Duh Huh...
2. Cash for Votes: Remember the fight wherin leaders went into a fist fight. That day felt as if the lowest for Indian Democracy...Untill July 22nd 08 happened. Three political protitutes walking in with wads of money and flaunting it...accusing people of handing it to them!!! Gimme a break...1 crore for abstaining. A vote that could decide the future of whose on the gaddi and whose not....and just 1 crore. Firstly since when have our politicians been attracted to small sums like 1 crore!!!

3. Young Blood: Truly...this is what I will remember this 22nd july for. Young leaders who have had the balls to speak out...not just to make noise but with great articulate thought behind every single word. Hats off to you guys.....there are a few who remarkably stood out and I would like to list them

Omar Abdullah:
“Today, the Left is telling me that all secular parties should stand with the BJP to bring down this government. The same Left treated me like a political untouchable when I was with the NDA.”
“I am not a member of the UPA and don’t aspire to be one. I made a mistake to be with the NDA, especially after Gujarat riots happened. My conscience had asked me to quit NDA but I didn’t. My conscience has still not forgiven me,”

With such vigour and passion he spoke that it stirred the entire house. He was crisp, to the point and extremely charged up. I always always always loved him. But now I also respect him for the eloquence and charm and oratory skills. There a very few who can hold a crowd by just speaking and he sure is one...I would love to see him as one of the front runners of future India.

Asaduddin Owaisi
“I am very well aware of the Left’s hatred against the minorities. While there are about 28 percent Muslims in the West Bengal, why is it that their representation is merely 2 per cent? This is not the way to claim supporting the minorities. If you want to support the BJP, then go ahead. But I am very clear, if Advani becomes the Prime Minister who will suffer? I will suffer a loss. I have already suffered the loss of the Babri masjid,”

I have never even heard of this guy. I was surely shocked by the guts and galore he put behind his speech. His idea was simple. N Deal or No Deal. This confidence motion is turning into a make-hay-while-sun-shines by opportunists...and he did not want to be a part of it. He made his stand as a Muslim as a minoroty clear. He did not want BJP or Left in power....simple and crystal clear! Looking forward to more of him and his guts. Truely great...

Ranjeet Ranjan

A woman speaker who could give Sushma Swaraj and Renu Chowdhary combined a run for their money. She started out at a time when the BJPians were at their vulnerable best and knew they would fall and fall big. So were creating a lot of commotion.

She said I am the first woman to speak in this debate and I demand a little respect from you all. And she got it!!!

She was fiery and passionate. Single handedly she was slaying the BJP and the Akali's.
She clearly made the Akali members put to shame and disgust by questioning their releigious sanctity. She flayed them for asking PM Manmohan Singh what he had done for Punjab. "Sikhs are ready to fight and die for the country and never demand anything in return."
Certainly a woman of substance and courage too.....

Rahul Gandhi I believe he was the most awaited speaker for the day. But....hmmmm was kinda let down for me atleast. Or is it because we are expecting a lot from him. After all he's what 30 something...I feel the pic above says it all.
But then again his speech was emotional, but lacked passion. Passion and drive are quite a far cry for him currently. Untill then we will have to live with a memorised-every-line Rahul!
He is clearly preparing to be a future PM, and everybody around him considers him as a prodigy. He still has a lot to prove. But I feel that he would choose a right blend of people in his cabinet and that would infact take the country forward.
Plainly Omar stole the show for him....but I clearly liked the way he kept his cool when opposition was hunting him down with their running commentry.

Usual Charmers
Chidambaram and Lalu were at their best in their own way. While the FM stuck to statistics and facts that nobody could deny, his funny counterpart aimed sling shots at every enemy in sight and that too with panache. Great going Laluji....

12 July, 2008

Inspire the greatness in you

I could sleep last nite..many thoughts running. Recently I have started to get these very heavy emotional rushes whenever I see a pitiful sights. Be it the bad roads, the traffic, people wasting water, thousands of one manned vehicles on the roads, kids in labour...but what most troubles me is the way we all have become de-sensitised! As if this was the exact way it was supposed to be. It seems as though we have all been sterilised with a facade that prevents us from having any emotions for such occurences. Yes occurences is what they are to us....mere everyday occurences!

I always had these rushes.....these emotional rage to do something right. But I used to ignore it as a hormonal thing flagging the 'coming soon' blue days! But no.....it can't be just that!
I beleive yesterday that myth broke....and I decided. I am just not gonna keep it mum. Keep it silent.
There is this sweeper lady who cleans up the roads everyday, and she stands just across the road where I wait for my cab. I see her picking up people's filth(plastic bags...urggh) every single day. Its been almost 2 months now. Finally I could see her that way. So prone to health hazards...so vulnerable to all x,y,z virus's that we throw out of our house! I dint know what to do. Should I give her money, or just a word of appreciation for her good work, or should I help her...I have never done this before! Who is she to me...what will people think if I talk to her... Just when I was thinking what to do she looked at me. And she smiled...in all her unimaginably stinking situation she smiled at me! Why? I was only thinking about her...thats all! I dint even do anything....but she kept on smiling and put her hands forward like she was blessing me! Why? Just for the sole reason that we both spend 10 minutes of our day on the same road at the same time....And it stuck me....I knew what to do....
I got her a pair of gloves! Thats what she needs.....simple! It wasnt gonna solve all her pains and problems in life...but then she needs to know that people respect her...her work! Just a small token of thank you....
She took it from me hesitantly....smiled back and asked me to open and teach her how to wear it. But the look that she gave me, brought tears in my own eyes! My cab then came and I left...she waived me good bye!
I was in my cab...on my everyday route and suddenly I see so many such women. Same pitiful state. Till date I could see only her coz it was very obvious..she was right in front of me. But there are hundreds of them. And I prayed to God. I prayed like anything....
God give me the strength to see others pain and make me an instrument in whichever small/big way to ease their pain.
The same day after coming back from office I saw couple of Oprah videos on you tube. And a sense of greatness dawned on me. The kind where I needed only compassion and will to make a difference...
(I actually came about to do a post on Oprah. I absolutely love her. If at all God gives me a chance to change a thing in my life I would ask him to give me a life like hers. Passionate, dedicated, generous....I am running out of adjectives! I can never have words to define her. )

She is a Saint in a Valentino!!!
One of her speeches that really inspires me and with which I would like to start all my days with...
There is a beautiful line in a Maya Angelou poem that I love called 'To our grandmothers'.
And the line says...'I come as one but I stand as 10000'.
And tonite... I stand as 10000 to the 10th power. Representing all of those whose names we know made the history books....and the millions who dn't...for those who marched...for those who prayed...for those who sang and bled... for those who beleived and for those who died...
I stand as 10000 to the 10th power

I stand for those who knew a new day was coming.....but never recieved a moment of noteriaty a moment of applause...for their courage..for their commiment... for their command to be free. And because of them today I stand on solid rock.
It is the rock that I know they laid they laid for me, for us because I know they were the seed of free and becoz they were the seed I get to be the fruit!!
I know this...I get to be the fruit and create a new ground for freedom to blossom everyday on my own television show!

This I know for sure that God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can ever dream for yourself!

Since I was a child i asked God how do you use me and how can I live in that dream...so I thank u for this great acknowledgement for being in the Hall of fame.
And I believe I am gonna run on...see what the end will be and keep surrendering to Gods dream for me...

I so wish I could be even a tinge of the person that she is....

07 July, 2008

I never really got it why Meredith went McDreamy...or even McSteamy....or why half the women species on the planet go the same way about Brad Pitt. Moveover Mc Dreamies and Steamies......Mr Butler's here!

Gosh, what an appeal. Raw. Direct. Adriot. Appealing. Having pleasing proportions.(if you don't get this point, then go and watch 300) Yet.... a Charming Incantation. Thats Gerard Butler. 
Thank God for finally corssing my path. Atleast from now on I have a name to say whenever I am asked exagerattedly stupid questions like 'Whose the sexiest man alive on Earth?'. Mr Butler ...you are!

24 June, 2008


Everybody wants a life without pain....And what does it get you? ...This girl needs to be on a poster somewhere...to remind people 'pains there for a reason'!
-Dr Miranda Bailey in Grey's Anatomy while operating on Megan, the girl who had high sensitivity to pain....the girl who couldn't feel pain!!!

Well wouldn't we all love that! A life without pain.....

Today was just yet another day when I switched on a TV channel to watch Baba Ramdev's show. You see one episode, one session, in some remote part of the country and you feel the pain in the world. Cancer, sleep apnea, leaukemia, asthma, chronic heart ailnesss's, muscular distrophy and many such diseases that you can even barely spell correctly. And suddenly you feel so small in front of Him.... you feel so selfish...you feel so ungrateful. You remember all those times you cursed and asked God to help you catch a catch a rick back home, coz for you thats the worst pain you could go through 'that' day. Or the days you curse your fertile womb, that flushes out the divine blessing of bearing a child in a messy way...saying why me?

Dr. Bailey is right...pain is there for people to remind of something. To remind suttle truths..facts...that just might get lost in a day of chores, work, children, money! Pain is for a reason for you to stop and look back, not necesarily change your ways, but atleast ponder. Heartbreaks~heart-attacks, loss of a dear one~loss of your favourite blue shirt at the laundry, broken heart~broken nail...these are all pain! None less, noen more!
Just needs for us to sit, sit still and go within the pain...but then its still pain and its there for a reason.

A reason quite beyond our imaginations....

06 June, 2008

Only You

Only You,
I used to love this movie.....it's not a very famous one, barely a hit, infact hit and miss kinds. But it used to be my favourite when I was in school. Ahhh......Its was about how you find love....how you go after it, how you trust your instincts, soulmates...romance and the works!
But the movie, is not what I am willing to write about.....then??
It's been almost 5-6 years since i last saw that movie, maybe more than that. But back in those day, gosh i sound as though I am some elderly saint. Anyways back then, I loved the movie because it had the whole idea about soul mates absolute romance, your prince in shining armour. But just the day before when i saw it again thinking that I would enjoy it and think of those times......I just couldn't relate to it!!!
Today all I can think of is how the hell could Marissa Tommie run after a voice just like that? How could she trust a fortune teller she met like ages ago(that too at an amusement park)? How is it possible that she left a steady, successful and near to perfect partner for some name she actually thought was her soul mate? Most majorly...how could she believe in the fallacy of 'soul mates'(though this part I don't entirely disagree!) How? Why? But why?.....These are the only questions I can think about!!!

I would never say my reasoning's behind the film are justified or not. The movie is still the same. Though it looks much better on a 32" flat screen LCD(wall mounted!). What has changed is me.
I have been awarded with the power to reason. the power to question anything and everything that has never happened to me and think that its just a fallacy. The power to not believe thinks as they are. All this over a period of years.....if that's what you call experience, maturity, intellect, etcetera. Then Thanks! I dont want it.

I want my power to reason, power to not believe, power to question....I dont know when I want! I plainly dont know when I would want to be on gaurd and need these powers. Should I be knowing? More importantly.....can I know?
All I know for sure now at this moment is.....I wanna enjoy Only You just the way I did when I was 15-16!

13 March, 2008

Blogging Beckons me again

Its been more than a year since I last blogged. All I remember now is that it used to be exhilarating and felt as though I find my peace and place in this world after a few vent outs. Reason for me to come back to blogging has been D. A good friend, a great mentor and even greater human being and after reading her blog, I wasreminiscent of my past....I could relate to why D posted it there, and what relief she must have got after doing so. I came back to have the same feeling once again.....not that my problems or smiles are the same like her, but solely the fact that you feel there is someone to listen :P that too for free...

Another reason....errrr.....I saw Man About Town today and how he kept a journal. Funny film, but very intriguing in its own humorous way....

My old ways....


A lot has happened to me since my last blog.....the url name stays same....the title remains the same....but the person over this side has changed. Still in the transition phase, so cant vouch yet whether the change is for good or worse......but yes I have changed. Working...in love with a man....(whom I eventually ) married :P....a lot more apprehensive....a lot less brash about life....a lot more rumblings in my head. Did age bring this along....or marriage...or for that matters any bloody hormone that triggered it....ha ha ha...I might never know!!!

But for now....all seems good!