06 June, 2008

Only You

Only You,
I used to love this movie.....it's not a very famous one, barely a hit, infact hit and miss kinds. But it used to be my favourite when I was in school. Ahhh......Its was about how you find love....how you go after it, how you trust your instincts, soulmates...romance and the works!
But the movie, is not what I am willing to write about.....then??
It's been almost 5-6 years since i last saw that movie, maybe more than that. But back in those day, gosh i sound as though I am some elderly saint. Anyways back then, I loved the movie because it had the whole idea about soul mates absolute romance, your prince in shining armour. But just the day before when i saw it again thinking that I would enjoy it and think of those times......I just couldn't relate to it!!!
Today all I can think of is how the hell could Marissa Tommie run after a voice just like that? How could she trust a fortune teller she met like ages ago(that too at an amusement park)? How is it possible that she left a steady, successful and near to perfect partner for some name she actually thought was her soul mate? Most majorly...how could she believe in the fallacy of 'soul mates'(though this part I don't entirely disagree!) How? Why? But why?.....These are the only questions I can think about!!!

I would never say my reasoning's behind the film are justified or not. The movie is still the same. Though it looks much better on a 32" flat screen LCD(wall mounted!). What has changed is me.
I have been awarded with the power to reason. the power to question anything and everything that has never happened to me and think that its just a fallacy. The power to not believe thinks as they are. All this over a period of years.....if that's what you call experience, maturity, intellect, etcetera. Then Thanks! I dont want it.

I want my power to reason, power to not believe, power to question....I dont know when I want! I plainly dont know when I would want to be on gaurd and need these powers. Should I be knowing? More importantly.....can I know?
All I know for sure now at this moment is.....I wanna enjoy Only You just the way I did when I was 15-16!

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