07 July, 2008

I never really got it why Meredith went McDreamy...or even McSteamy....or why half the women species on the planet go the same way about Brad Pitt. Moveover Mc Dreamies and Steamies......Mr Butler's here!

Gosh, what an appeal. Raw. Direct. Adriot. Appealing. Having pleasing proportions.(if you don't get this point, then go and watch 300) Yet.... a Charming Incantation. Thats Gerard Butler. 
Thank God for finally corssing my path. Atleast from now on I have a name to say whenever I am asked exagerattedly stupid questions like 'Whose the sexiest man alive on Earth?'. Mr Butler ...you are!


Anonymous said...

I guess he's d guy frm Desperate housewives.... rite??
Anyways, grt to see u back on the blogging circuit!! Cool che!!!

Unknown said...