24 June, 2008


Everybody wants a life without pain....And what does it get you? ...This girl needs to be on a poster somewhere...to remind people 'pains there for a reason'!
-Dr Miranda Bailey in Grey's Anatomy while operating on Megan, the girl who had high sensitivity to pain....the girl who couldn't feel pain!!!

Well wouldn't we all love that! A life without pain.....

Today was just yet another day when I switched on a TV channel to watch Baba Ramdev's show. You see one episode, one session, in some remote part of the country and you feel the pain in the world. Cancer, sleep apnea, leaukemia, asthma, chronic heart ailnesss's, muscular distrophy and many such diseases that you can even barely spell correctly. And suddenly you feel so small in front of Him.... you feel so selfish...you feel so ungrateful. You remember all those times you cursed and asked God to help you catch a catch a rick back home, coz for you thats the worst pain you could go through 'that' day. Or the days you curse your fertile womb, that flushes out the divine blessing of bearing a child in a messy way...saying why me?

Dr. Bailey is right...pain is there for people to remind of something. To remind suttle truths..facts...that just might get lost in a day of chores, work, children, money! Pain is for a reason for you to stop and look back, not necesarily change your ways, but atleast ponder. Heartbreaks~heart-attacks, loss of a dear one~loss of your favourite blue shirt at the laundry, broken heart~broken nail...these are all pain! None less, noen more!
Just needs for us to sit, sit still and go within the pain...but then its still pain and its there for a reason.

A reason quite beyond our imaginations....

06 June, 2008

Only You

Only You,
I used to love this movie.....it's not a very famous one, barely a hit, infact hit and miss kinds. But it used to be my favourite when I was in school. Ahhh......Its was about how you find love....how you go after it, how you trust your instincts, soulmates...romance and the works!
But the movie, is not what I am willing to write about.....then??
It's been almost 5-6 years since i last saw that movie, maybe more than that. But back in those day, gosh i sound as though I am some elderly saint. Anyways back then, I loved the movie because it had the whole idea about soul mates absolute romance, your prince in shining armour. But just the day before when i saw it again thinking that I would enjoy it and think of those times......I just couldn't relate to it!!!
Today all I can think of is how the hell could Marissa Tommie run after a voice just like that? How could she trust a fortune teller she met like ages ago(that too at an amusement park)? How is it possible that she left a steady, successful and near to perfect partner for some name she actually thought was her soul mate? Most majorly...how could she believe in the fallacy of 'soul mates'(though this part I don't entirely disagree!) How? Why? But why?.....These are the only questions I can think about!!!

I would never say my reasoning's behind the film are justified or not. The movie is still the same. Though it looks much better on a 32" flat screen LCD(wall mounted!). What has changed is me.
I have been awarded with the power to reason. the power to question anything and everything that has never happened to me and think that its just a fallacy. The power to not believe thinks as they are. All this over a period of years.....if that's what you call experience, maturity, intellect, etcetera. Then Thanks! I dont want it.

I want my power to reason, power to not believe, power to question....I dont know when I want! I plainly dont know when I would want to be on gaurd and need these powers. Should I be knowing? More importantly.....can I know?
All I know for sure now at this moment is.....I wanna enjoy Only You just the way I did when I was 15-16!