05 April, 2009

Vote do Vote do

Jago Re...Vote ya Vaat...Lead India!!!
All campaigns stressing on the need to vote. Stressing on electing a right candidate for us and the future of our country.

U take one newspaper...surf one channel...either its these guys or its the parties trying to showcase their never known integrity to the people. I am sick to the core with these things...especially with the vote karo campaingners...

Be it this election or some other election....politics on Indian soil is still going to be the same! Shitty and cheap.
By asking me to vote your asking me to chose lesser of the two evils. Thats it.

Some of the following things that happened are quite frustrating...
Lead India winner RK Mishra shamelessly joined BJP....of all the parties BJP! Couldn't he have contested independently? Everyone want to mint big bucks from the system. So even he did...that justified enough.

Wasnt there a news on
Sanjay Dutt - appointed the national general secretary of Samajwadi Party (SP)....why oh god why? How is he every fit for a position like this. Just because his career is gonna take a toss owing to his age doesn't mean...anywyas.

Election Commissioner Navin Chawla - Candidates contesting the Parliamentary elections from jails should be treated like

ordinary prisoners as mentioned in jail manual. Hello.....if they are prisoners why the hell are they contesting???

Varun Gandhi and his shamefully communal campaign. He too has learned the tricks of the trade and knows that in order to graob attention "need to flare up the communal sparks". And he precisely did that.

Rahul Gandhi - contested from Amethi and projected his net worth of almot 2.25 cr. Where is this money coming from Rahul Baba? This amount is only the one he has openly disclosed...

No matter what family legacy or affiliations people have. Deep down they all are a strange species who speak and drink and eat of utter shameless politics.

And then there are the other bunch, flim stars, directors, business men who find it quite fashionable to speak for a cause like "vote karo". Can you please stop eating my media bandwidth with this crap of voting and elections. I am amazed at your capacity and capability to feel strongly about something as fashionable as this. But can we just stop it and move on with our lives....

The only positive note I see is Capt. Gopinath and I wouldn't be much surprised if he too takes
on the mantel like everyone else. Excerpts from an interview
Why did you prefer to be an independent?
No party is free of corruption and caste politics... I don't want to be a prisoner in these parties. I believe an independent candidate is more powerful and free than a party candidate. If we have 20 to 30 independents, we can be key drivers. We cannot expect this to happen immediately, but I think we have to sow the seeds now.
Read his interview

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